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Welcome creators

Welcome creators of all things Zambian comic book and graphic novel related.

ZACOCA has been created to serve and enhance your creative journey and ensure you get the most out of your comic book/graphic novel creations.



ZACOCA stands for Zambia comic book creators association and is an association created for individuals  

with the shared goal of creating, developing and enhancing a vibrant Zambian comic book industry. The aim of this association is to safeguard the rights of Zambian comic book creators while ensuring local and international recognition can be achieved by it’s members. The association through it’s publishing arm will make Zambian created content available for people to purchase from all over the world.The association will be open to all Zambians and persons resident  in  Zambia who abide by the rules and honour their obligations to the association.

 We intend to enhance the work of Zambia creators by providing a condusive enviroment through workshops, meetings, networking sessions and peer reviews. The association will cater for pencilers, writers, letterers, colourists and any other persons who work towards the creation of comic books/ graphic novels.


   There is no fee attached to joining the association just fill out the membership form by clicking the button or click here. We allow comic book creators from all walks of life to join and encourage  both female and male comic book/graphic novel creators from with varying social /economic backgrounds to become members.

International exposure 

  • Sale of locally created comics all over the world

  • Access to international crowd funding platforms to cover production costs

  • Outstanding creators will be given the opportunity to attend international comic book conventions.


Development opportunities

  • Workshops and other training events

  • Networking events

  • Shared working space


  • Participation in locally organised award ceremony to be held annually



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Email: zacoca.zacoca@yahoo.com
Tel: +260-954025950

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